Posted: 1/8/2019    

The following Online courses are available for 2018-2. Students taking online courses are required to complete the "self-paced E-Learning Orientation (once every two years) prior to accessing their E-Learning courses."


CMPS1014 O1 ECED1152 B1

CMPS3012 O1 ECED1202 B1

EDUC2224 O1 ECED2302 B1

EDUC3141 O1 ECED2312 B1 EDUC3552 O1 ECED2351 B1

EDUC3552 O1 ECED3351 B1

EDUC4153 O1 ECED3602 B1

EDUC4256 O1 EDUC3454 B1

ESOC2152 O1 ENGL1035 B1

GSTU0014 01 LITR1157 B1

HIST1014 01 LITR4502 B1

LITR2257 01

MGMT1014 01

MGMT3015 01

MGMT4015 01

MGMT4155 01

PHIL1014 O1

PSYC1014 01

SOCL1014 01

  Forms on Student Portal    
  Posted: 11/17/2016    

Financial Review Form submitted to Accounts Receivable Office (Any Campus)

Information Release Form and Registration Appeal Form should be submitted to Records Office (Any Campus)

These forms are to be utilized in case of appeal request for past semesters.

Kindly verify your information to ensure appeals are made as early as possible.